At Purpose CPA, we’re all about envisioning a world where businesses care about more than just profits. Everyday, we aim to create a meaningful impact by doing good things and offering stellar accounting services. In our 2023 Impact Report, join us as we reflect on our commitment to fostering conscious businesses and making a positive impact.

As we reflect on the past three years of Purpose CPA’s journey, the positive impact we’ve made resonates with pride. This year, our firm has experienced remarkable growth, navigating the delightful chaos that accompanies such expansion. Amidst the juggling act of diverse priorities, we maintain our identity as goal seekers and action setters. As advisors, we recognize the weight of our responsibility, and in early 2023, we set ambitious goals. We are thrilled to unveil the accomplishments that reflect the essence of our commitment and excitement about the impact we’ve achieved this year:

  • Continued our corporate giving: 1.1% of revenues donated to community organizations.
  • Delivered numerous presentations on financial literacy to BCIT, V2RF, Better Business Bureau Vancouver, and Vancouver Farmers Market Association through presentations, webinars, and podcasts.
  • Maintained our commitment to being a living wage employer, providing fair compensation to our staff.
  • Dedicated to community support, providing Purpose Coaching Grant to local businesses.
  • Purchased 15.6 tonnes of carbon offset from for ongoing sustainability efforts.

As we continue our journey, Purpose CPA is still aiming to attain B-Corp certification. The achievements above serve as stepping stones toward this significant milestone, propelling us in the right direction. Anticipating the year ahead, we’re excited about the possibilities, ready to tackle new challenges, and committed to advancing our vision for a business world that thrives while making a positive impact.