We like to share our accounting expertise and knowledge with our community every way that we can. Here you can find a collection of presentations, podcasts, and blogs that we have been a part of.

Top 5 Mistakes Made by New Businesses with WeBC

Starting a Business is a very exciting time in your life. It’s also filled with a million-and-one-choices. What do I do first?

It’s true that each business is unique; however, there are some common elements of business planning that many entrepreneurs tend to neglect. Understanding these basics is your ticket to creating a business that runs smoothly, year after year.

Building an Impact Business

It is difficult to think about our impact when we are worried about our survival. This follows Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where the foundational layers need to be met before we can begin to focus on our impact. This applies to our own personal financial situation and a business. Matt Wong from Purpose CPA shares with us what an impact business is and why that’s important.

With Wealth Smarts

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ESG: Small Businesses Can Make a Big Impact

How we (Purpose CPA) incorporated ESG principles into our business and how we are helping other small businesses do the same.

With CPABC President, Lori Mathison

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The Payroll Purpose With Purpose CPA

Wagepoint wrote a blog about us and how we handle payroll as a fully cloud-based practice.

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Purpose CPA | First Living Wage Employer in Richmond

Purpose CPA is the first organization in Richmond, BC to show their commitment to ending working poverty by certifying as a Living Wage Employer.

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What are the Reasons to Grow your Business – Small Business BC

Growing your business can be both an exciting and a terrifying thought. From knowing the right time and how to grow, Matt and Chad share their reasons to consider for growing one’s business.

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How SMEs can Level Up Their Digital Footprint – CPABC

Chad Chang joined Aaron Aerts from CPABC and Victor Lai from Big Cedar Creative to talk about SMEs and how to improve their digital footprint. Listen to the podcast here!