Technology Services

Crafting Custom Tech Solutions to Fuel Your Business Growth.


Our Technology Services

Many small and medium businesses struggle to plan for technology, leaving opportunities on the table. We’ve created an accounting stack using the top tools to improve efficiencies and reveal key insights.

Leverage Your Technology

We use technology as a tool to help us run better businesses. Too often we see business owners too busy in the business that they’ve missed the opportunities that new software can bring. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be difficult – our accessible Technology Services include training and implementation to help you run a smoothing operation. With expertise in transitioning from paper-based to digital operations, we integrate accounting technology seamlessly.

Cloud Accounting App Setup

We’re continuously testing the top cloud-based apps to find the most user friendly and cost-effective technologies to help businesses reach the next level. Then we integrate them with existing systems to better manage cash flow, reduce unnecessary admin work, and reduce frustration.

Digital Transformation

Transformation is a long-term strategy and requires strong strategic planning and regular reviews. Our experience with small and medium-sized businesses have helped minimize unnecessary errors and minimize costs. Let's start building a plan.

Automate Your Systems

Streamline your functions with automation. Financial and accounting data is sensitive and confidential – there’s no room for mistakes. We test and implement automations to eliminate errors, speed up processing, and complete transactions with minimal involvement.

Modern Technology for a Modern World

Custom Reporting & Migration Services

In collaboration with Good Picnic Consulting, we’ve created to provide custom reporting and migration services.


  • Custom Accounting Reports
  • Quickbooks Conversions
  • QB File Services such as file size reduction, data import, new file creation, and file merge.

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Born from a collaboration between Purpose CPA and Good Picnic Consulting, GoodReports emerged so we can dive deeper into your business needs to develop tailored accounting software reporting.

FAQ - Technology Services

What are Technology Services?

Our Technology Services is available to provide accessible technical services for small-medium sized businesses. Most small businesses are not thinking proactively on the need for a technical expert. And many medium businesses do not have the internal capacity in their finance teams to undergo technical transformation. From systems design & implementation to app integration, we are equipped to advise small-to-medium sized businesses to digitize their operations.

What’s the best way to move our systems to the cloud?

For small business clients, we recommend clients to move to Quickbooks Online or Xero as the program is common and simple. For medium-sized businesses with inventory and manufacturing, there are a few options to integrate multiple apps into an eco-system, move the existing ERP to a hybrid-cloud, or upgrade to the next product tier such as Netsuite.

How are you different than other technology consulting firms or accounting firms?

Our firm operates in a fully digital and integrated work environment, so we’re walking the walk. Cross-functional, licensed and insured, we take a professional approach to solving technical problems for small-medium sized businesses. Some firms only “consult” and recommend solutions and do not implement the solutions. And some firms “deliver” and specialize in implementing the solutions. We can carry out both consulting and delivery for our small to medium sized businesses.

Can you help us move our accounting to the cloud?

We are happy to provide custom solutions based on your needs and internal competencies. Our strength is in project management, practical implementation, and pre-post follow-up. As required, we can assemble other technical experts to assist in the process.