What started as a belief that we can do better for this world has become a reality. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Purpose CPA brand. We provide accounting, advisory and technology services to businesses that are interested in more than just the bottom line. From certified B Corps to start-ups, we help people navigate their businesses through growth so they can do good business. As a remote firm utilizing the latest cloud technologies, we can help your business transform. With 30+ years in industries from ecommerce to construction, we can help your business grow. And with dreams of becoming an certified B Corp, we can help your business move forward with Purpose.

We’re committed to moving towards B Corp certification. It’s a process that involves us taking steps and we’re happy to announce that we’re contributing 1.1% – 2.4% of annual revenues to non-profit organizations. With recent events occurring close to home, we have decided to make a donation to the Black Business and Professional Association and BC Nurse’s Union to further their Mission and look forward to many more partnerships.

Matthew Wong & Chad Chang