For the month of June, our team will be taking the time and necessary steps to recognize history, heritage and diversity of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada. As a firm located in British Columbia, we primarily operate within Vancouver and understand that we are on unceded traditional First Nations territory.

Over the years, while we have seen different initiatives to support and empower First Nations people across Canada, the dedicated work that goes into reconciliation will forever remain as we continue to reside on these lands.

That’s why our team strongly believes in doing our part to contribute to reconciliation for First Nations people; sharing programs and organizations who are actively involved in the community, resources that might be helpful to those who want to become more informed, and share impactful stories of people whom we know within our circles – we hope to do it all!

We highly encourage you to stick around to our channels this month as we hope to do our part and work toward reconciliation for all those impacted by residential schools and the history around National Indigenous History Month.

Getting Started with Indigenous History

Taking the necessary steps toward positive change can be difficult if you’re not informed. We’d like to share an incredible free resource offered by the University of Alberta, that can support those who want a deeper understanding of the Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada.

Course information and registration is now available!

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