March 8th is International Women’s Day. Much work remains to create a level playing field. The pandemic is another reminder that women are disproportionately displaced economically. Society needs to continuously conjure up new definitions like glass ceiling, unconscious bias, and she-session to document the the gender imbalance. And so on this day, Chad and I are grateful to be surrounded by the strong women in our lives.

To our Spouses, we are blessed to support your ascent to the pinnacle of your profession. Everyday, we witness how you wear multiple hats and deal with unique struggles as boss, wife, mother, and daughter.

To our Daughters, we are grateful for the opportunity to be involved parents. We hope to provide you the inspiration to dream big and be the next Kamala Harris or Dr. Bonnie Henry.

To our Moms, we are beginning to understand the effort it takes to raise a family (and in a foreign country to boot). We hope to live up to the depths of your hard work for us.

To our all-female Bookkeeping Team , we are grateful to provide a second wind in your lives. Having given your careers a backseat to raise a family, we are grateful to transfer skills such as work-ethic and dedication into the workplace.

To our women clients, we are blessed to work with such intelligent women in our lives. While we are retained as your advisors, we are equally grateful to learn about successful entrepreneurship from you.

Much like the celebration of Black History Month, social progress starts with dialogue and International Women’s Day has given us the reason to expand our knowledge on bigger issues. We are grateful that #IWD2021 provided another catalyst to become more involved in supporting the women in our lives. Thank you and we hope the upcoming content will assist Women Entrepreneurs.

– Matt & Chad, Co-Founders

Purpose Coaching Grant

We are pleased to launch an annual Purpose Advisory Grant for Women Entrepreneurs. We figured the best way to contribute to social change is to create more successful entrepreneurs. And we know that good bookkeeping combined with timely coaching is a recipe for success. We’re keeping things simple, so here’s the grant details:


  • 12 month subscription to Quickbooks Online

  • 1 hour per month of mentorship / coaching from our Advisors

  • Private Slack channel to communicate

  • Valued at $2000+


  • Identify as a female (or transgender, etc.) Canadian

  • Must be registered Canadian based business

  • Self-employed or incorporated

  • Regular internet access to a web-camera enabled computer


  • Name & Business Name

  • Email & Contact Info

  • Resume or Short Profile of your Business / Startup Idea

  • Short Response to the question “What do you need from us to help your business thrive?”

Apply by sending us the information with the button below and we’ll get back to you. While we’re sure that every submission can use coaching, our small firm can only support one entrepreneur at this time.

Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2021

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