At Purpose CPA, we work under the belief of “Good People. Good Business.”

We believe in a world where all businesses are conscious businesses, with a broader view for people, planet and profit And while our clients are out to positively shape the world with their ideas, we provide services to support those aspirations. And more so, we aspire to be trusted voice throughout our client’s entrepreneurial journey.

Our firm is fortunate to start something new because there’s a blank canvas to create an impact-based organization. We adopted the B-Corp Legal Framework to consider environmental and societal stakeholders. And much like accounting is used as a metric for profitability, we adopted the B Impact Assessment tool to provide the metrics to measure our actions towards the people and planet.

While 2020 was a year of starting a new a business amidst a pandemic, we are pleased to have taken the following actions towards our goal of being an impact-based organization:

  • Funding microfinance loans

  • Donating old hardware

  • Creating a fair and safe workplace

  • Supporting the community

  • Helped a client become a B-Corp

  • Keeping spending local

These are small steps for our firm with big dreams, so we look forward to sharing in the years to come.

Chad Chang & Matthew Wong