Black History Month, celebrated each February, is a vibrant tribute to the remarkable contributions of African Americans throughout history. Originally established as “Negro History Week” in 1926 by historian Carter G. Woodson, it has evolved into a dynamic celebration of resilience and creativity. This month, as we honor the legacy of Black pioneers, let’s also actively support Black-owned businesses, making a tangible difference in our communities.

Keep reading if you are…

  • Interested in learning more about how to support local Black businesses or communities.
  • Looking for practical ways to make a positive impact in your community during Black History Month.
  • Curious about the economic and cultural significance of supporting Black-owned businesses.

Why does this matter to me? Supporting local Black businesses is a concrete way to contribute to economic growth and diversity in our community. By actively patronizing these businesses, we honor the legacy of Black pioneers and celebrate Black History Month.

Celebrate Black History Month in BC by supporting local Black-owned businesses. Check out directories like, visit the UEL store on Granville Island, or support programs like and the NEST Foundation. Your support boosts economic growth and promotes diversity in our community. Let’s honor Black pioneers by backing Black-owned businesses.

Honoring Black History Through Local Black Businesses

Here are the ways you can support local Black businesses:

1. Show your support to local Black businesses through, a directory of global Black-owned businesses where you can locate businesses in your area.

2. Visit and support the UEL store located on Granville Island, featuring products and artwork from the Black Canadian community in B.C., owned by the Black Business Association of B.C. Address: Unit 3, 1666 Johnston St, Vancouver.

3. Support through programs or organizations:

  • Empowering entrepreneurs worldwide through microloans.
  • NEST Foundation: Fostering community development and empowerment initiatives.
  • Breakthrough: Providing resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Purpose CPA has actively supported these programs and organizations in addition to offering Purpose Coaching grants to some of the local Black-owned businesses. Stay tuned for updates on more Coaching grants coming soon!

 It’s crucial to support local businesses, especially Black-owned ones, as it directly contributes to the economic growth and resilience of our community. These businesses often face unique challenges, and by supporting them, we help level the playing field and create opportunities for economic advancement. Investing in local Black businesses also promotes diversity and cultural enrichment in our marketplace, making our community more vibrant and inclusive for all. By choosing to support local Black businesses, we actively contribute to building a more equitable and thriving community for everyone.

As we honor Black History Month, let’s take action by supporting local Black-owned businesses. Your support fosters economic empowerment and community growth. We’re also thrilled to announce a presentation in collaboration with BBABC on tax strategies. Stay tuned for details. Together, let’s champion diversity and prosperity in our community.