Adedayo Alabi(left)


Alliancé Babunga(right)

- Co-Founders and Executive Producer at S2T Communications Inc      

Tell us a little about the business you are building. The goals, purpose, the gap and the opportunities you are trying to fill.

S2T Communications Inc is a Black-owned startup Public Relations firm with over 20 years combined experience in the field. We are located in Vancouver BC, serving small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits across Canada.

S2T stands for “Strive to Thrive”. Our goal is to help Canadian businesses in their recovery and success through our public relations services. Our core services include: branding (audit, strategy), communications (audit, strategy), media relations (media training, press release), social media (audit, strategy and management), copyediting, and proofreading.

What are some challenges that you faced as people of colour when growing your business?

Traditionally, there are multiple barriers Black entrepreneurs face when growing a business including access to startup capital, business coach, legal affairs, mentors, accounting, and finance services to name a few.

Though we face the aforementioned challenges and foresee others, we intentionally choose to see them as opportunities. WHY? Because we have so much to offer as we focus on delivering the best services to our clients (small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits) in their public relations and communications efforts. This is a major motivation reminding us of “our why” and what drove us to come up with S2T Communications.

Tell us about any programs or resources that you are aware of and whether they will be helpful for you to overcome those challenges.

Access to startup capital (preferably grants), community relations and engagements. Networking with the right contacts in the industry, continuous learning opportunities, and trends to improve our scope of practice as PR professionals.

Purpose Coaching Grant Details:

We figured the best way to contribute to social change is to create more successful entrepreneurs. And we know that good bookkeeping combined with timely coaching is a recipe for success. We are offering the following services to our grant recipient:

  • 12 month subscription to Quickbooks Online

  • 1 hour per month of mentorship / coaching from our Advisors

  • Private Slack channel to communicate

  • Valued at $2000+

Stay tuned for our future grants and initiatives!