How a Local Business Stopped Doing Bookkeeping on Evenings and Weekends

A local business has their Spouse carrying out bookkeeping in Quickbooks Online.

Before Purpose

The Business Owner and Spouse are struggling to keep up with the administrative work. They are spending evenings and weekends depositing cheques, digging up receipts and categorizing transactions. The Business has been audited and penalized by the CRA for incorrect record-keeping.



Business implements an automated document-capture application like Dext

The Business Owner uploads all receipts via mobile app, email, or desktop browser. Using an application like Dext, all business receipts can be stored and processed efficiently.

Business engages Purpose CPA for monthly bookkeeping services.

The admin workload is taken off the Business’ plate. The Business Owner is freed to engage in more valuable activities like sales & marketing or family time.

Business receives best practices for bookkeeping.

The Business receives high-quality onboarding and regular check-ins to ensure a successful operation. Developed by seasoned professionals, the Business receives the best practices for bookkeeping.

Business is assigned a dedicated accounting team.

Business receives high-quality work and advice from an experienced team. The team is willing to learn the unique aspects to all businesses.

“Working with Matt and his team at Purpose CPA has been revolutionary for our organization. Never have we felt more cared for, nurtured, supported, and believed in with the work we’re doing from a financial standpoint”

— Donna, Wakefield