How a Growing Business got a Grip on their Books

A growing business with an existing Bookkeeper preparing the books and tax returns.

Before Purpose

Over time, the Bookkeeper fell behind on keeping up with the books as transaction volumes grew. As the business took off, the Bookkeeper lacked the training and experience to advise on complex matters.



Business engages with a right-sized accounting firm.

The Business partners with Purpose CPA which has multiple service lines to support its needs. Bookkeeping and Tax to start, Advisory and Technology to keep up.

Business engages Purpose CPA for monthly bookkeeping services.

The Business receives a monthly service plan to handle their unique requirements. Purpose CPA’s Bookkeepers are experienced and supervised by designated Accountants.

Business carries out bookkeeping using cloud applications

The Business’s accounting records are stored in cloud applications that are accessible, integrated, and secure. The books can be seen anywhere, anytime.

Business works with a dedicated accounting team.

The Business receives a dedicated Bookkeeper who will understand their books over time. As the business grows, Advisors and Tax Accountants can hop onto the books.

“Their work is awesome! That’s all you need to know. This firm is attentive and could chat with me at virtually any time of the day. I am set up for success because they have helped me fix my issues and are responsive. I love having this firm on my team. Highly recommended.”

— David, Box Construction