Purpose is a cloud & remote-based professional services firm. And as such, we continuously evaluate our technology stack to better serve our client and maintain our competitive edge.

We are pleased to launch Slack for client communications. What is Slack? We believe this is a strong way for, not only internal communications, but to also provide a better single-point of information between you and us. From general use to , we are confident Slack will improve the flow of information between you and your Advisor. 

Slack is available free to our clients. If you already use Slack, even better. If you don’t use Slack, not to worry, you can still communicate directly from your email to your dedicated Slack channel. Once you are a Purpose client, you will receive an invite to Slack.

We recommend downloading the free mobile or desktop apps and come join the conversation! We prefer directly through the Slack apps because of its enterprise grade security.

Speaking of security, your sensitive files and data is very important to us. We have adopted another layer of security that allows us to work very efficiently across platforms. Enter Odrive (or Oxygen Drive). It provides end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge encryption, and worldwide AES-256 standard for encryption.

There is nothing that you have to do. We take security very seriously and it’s part of the customer experience at Purpose CPA.

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