Many people have heard of Slack for internal communications. Our team loves using it. The app is secure and organized, and we like tinkering with the bots and workflow automation. Our firm loves using Slack so much that we deployed this platform to our clients. Now our clients can communicate and share files in a secure and organized manner. No more broken email chains and unsearchable information.

Included with our bookkeeping plans, our clients get a single Slack channel with the following features:

  • A private channel for you and our team to communicate and collaborate.

  • A secure place to message and upload files.

  • A easy place to search for previous messages and files for everyone to see.

  • Opportunities to future-proof your business by automating and integrating with other apps.

Lets learn about what makes Slack so powerful for the business user. We’ll leave it to the pros, the videos and descriptions below are courtesy of Slack.

What is Slack? (2 min)

Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done. From Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, millions of people around the world use Slack to connect their teams, unify their systems, and drive their business forward. Slack is a new layer of technology that brings together people, applications and data — and it’s replacing email around the world.

Learn About Slack (2 min)

Slack is a messaging app for teams. It brings all your team’s communication and files in one place, where they’re instantly searchable and available wherever you go.

Messaging in Slack (2 min)

Communication in Slack happens through messages, allowing teams to have open and transparent conversations that aren’t hidden away inside inboxes. Messages are easily searchable, too; creating a rich and accessible repository of all your team’s work. Here, we’ll show you all the different ways you can use messages— from communicating in real-time to sharing long-form posts and snippets of code.

Notifications in Slack (3 min)

Notifications in Slack help you stay focused on the things that matter to you, instead of distracting you from getting things done. Here, we show you how to customize your notifications so you can concentrate on your work without missing anything important. Guide to email notifications.

Searching in Slack (3 min)

Slack is a messaging app, but it also doubles as a running history of your team’s work. Everything in Slack–messages, files, posts from integrations, and more–is automatically indexed, archived and easily searched. Find and share past messages and files to give everyone on your team, including new hires, so everyone is up to speed. Here, we give you some tips for searching in Slack so you can spend less time looking around, and more time getting things done.