At Purpose, we are using 20+ applications to run our business. While a few are common apps risen to prominence with global events, there a few lesser known but equally useful apps in our arsenal. We’ll share our top apps that’s helped our business succeed and hopefully will become useful to you. Even your grandma is using Zoom these days, there’s no reason why can’t your business use it effectively.

Who is this for?

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  • Interested in lesser-known tools to run one’s business

TLDR: Look at Zoom for video &phone conferencing, Slack for organized and searchable instant messaging, Asana to rid of pen and paper for task management, Tettra to document institutional knowledge in a organized and searchable manner, and Zapier to allow all these applications to communicate with one another.

Top Digital Applications

Zoom – Pretty sure the whole world has heard about Zoom by now. Low learning curve compared to the legacy conferencing tools of the past. Free version allows for two people to meet in unlimited time and 2+ persons has 45 min limit. Much improvement to the blurred and virtual background features since we started using Zoom three years ago.

Slack – Think Whatsapp for business. Designed to do away with organizational emails. Slack is a instant messaging tool that does much more than communications. Messages are organized, rich-in-content, and searchable. You can work with both internal and external parties in your Slack. If you’re not fussed about history or paper trail, the free version only displays the last 10,000 messages.

Asana – Strategic plans, quarterly priorities, daily tasks — everyone has a boatload of items with rolling due dates at any given time. Skip the note-pad and word document, Asana is a tool used to track and share your tasks. Tasks are itemized with an assigned person and due date. Tasks can be recurring and organized in boards or sections. And tasks can be viewed as a list, calendar, or even Gantt chart.

Tettra – Organizations build institutional knowledge which are often saved as word documents in a file server (at best). Tettra is a business wiki-tool to allow information to accumulate in a organized and searchable manner. Designed for decentralized knowledge gathering in the organization. Tettra limits formatting so pages are created the same way. Headers, hyperlinks, embedded videos & spreadsheets enhances the knowledge.

Zapier – I covered four digital tools, but now there’s the problem of duplicate data entry. Many apps can talk to each other using built-in APIs, meaning similar information is shared between applications so you don’t enter data twice. Zapier is a tool to integrate applications in the absence of a built-in API. Zapier is no-code and based on if triggers and then responses, so you don’t need to a software engineering to build integrations.

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