Why the name GoodReports?

The founders of Purpose CPA and Good Picnic Consulting are excited to launch GoodReports.ca – a collaboration to bring bespoke QuickBooks and Excel reporting solutions to small-medium sized businesses (SMB’s) in the Vancouver, British Columbia area and beyond (we can operate totally virtual too).

Why “Good”? We named this venture GoodReports because we share the values of integrity, honesty and transparency with all the work we do, and we love working with good people doing good work.

Chad and Matthew from Purpose CPA are CPA’s who have worked closely as Chartered Professional Accountants with and inside companies both large and small. While Victor from Good Picnic has the Excel and IT experience. All of us have created numerous reports and dashboards for business owners and managers looking for greater insights and analysis.

What does GoodReports do?

Have you found that your accounting system does not give a specific metric or reporting capability?

You have products in several locations and want to know how well it’s doing in each location. You can setup some accounting systems to track and report that with some customization. But how about finding out what products were sold be a certain sales representative by location? Or to compare the same product sold by different sales rep? Many accounting and sales systems have difficulty connecting different data sets together to hone-in on a certain metric. Most off-the-shelf apps have these limitations. At GoodReports, we can overcome those limitations without having to implement a new system.

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online, We Work With Them All

GoodReports specializes in the entire suite of QuickBooks products. From Pro, Premier to Enterprise, and also to Online, we are certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors. This industry leading accounting system has many built-in customizations and although you may not need additional apps or custom external reports, our experience has shown that most of the time clients are not aware of these features that can reveal insights and reduce reporting time. We sit down, assess, plan with you, and customize if it is truly to your advantage.

What else can GoodReports do?

Additional services GoodReports provides in addition to custom Microsoft Excel reports, dashboards, and report automation. The following are other services we can provide (not an exhaustive list):


  • Conversion of QuickBooks Desktop to Online and vice-versa.

  • Conversion to and from other accounting packages like the various Sage products (50, 100, 300, ACCPAC, etc.), Netsuite, Zoho, and many more.

  • Upgrading and downgrading between QuickBooks series, for instance, from Pro to Enterprise and vice-versa.

File Services

  • Reduce QB file size to increase file performance (and speeds)

  • Assistance with password recovery and reset

  • Inventory list corruption or the common negative count issue

  • List (product, employees, class, etc.) size limit

  • Multicurrency advisory (going to multicurrency or removing multicurrency)

  • Errors and troubleshooting beyond QuickBook’s File Doctor

Visit GoodReports.ca and tell us what you think!

We’d love your feedback and ideas for services and partnerships, or just drop us a line and say hello!

Chad, Matthew, Victor

The GoodReports.ca Team

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