February is celebrating Black History Month in Canada. While we do not claim to understand the issues in the Black community, this month’s celebration and the events of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests has given our firm the catalyst to learn about and advocate for Black Canadians.

While some are skeptical of systemic racism in our local communities, we can assure that its alive and well. Recently, the Richmond News published an article highlighting a Black single mother bursary in celebration of Black History Month. Within a few days the community newspaper received letters criticizing the paper for spreading the false narratives of racism. And shortly after, the Black businesswoman who started the bursary received hate mail. From celebration to skepticism to racism, all within two weeks. We are better than this as humankind.

Some question the role that business plays in solving racial injustice. Growing up, we were taught that conversations about race did not belong in the workplace. Admittedly, it’s been a few centuries of modern capitalism and democracy and yet racial justice continues to move at a glacial pace. The main benefactors of society with the power to influence change, business-folk included, cannot wait for another century of change. With climate change and a global pandemic in our midst, our society is reminded that we must unite quickly to solve larger existential issues.

We admit these are heady topics for an upstart firm like ourselves. But there’s no time like the present and if we’re confident enough to create a profit-making enterprise, surely we can channel those same energies to create lasting social change. Thank you for being open and we hope the upcoming content will assist Black entrepreneurs and inspire local business leaders.

– Matt & Chad, Co-Founders

Purpose Coaching Grant

We are pleased to launch an annual Purpose Advisory Grant for Black Entrepreneurs. We figured the best way to contribute to social change is to create more successful entrepreneurs. And we know that good bookkeeping combined with timely coaching is a recipe for success. We’re keeping things simple, so here’s the grant details:


  • 12 month subscription to Quickbooks Online

  • 1 hour per month of mentorship / coaching from our Advisors

  • Private Slack channel to communicate

  • Valued at $2000+


  • Identify as a Black Canadian

  • Canadian business

  • Self-employed or incorporated

  • Regular internet access to a web-camera enabled computer


  • Name & Business Name

  • Email & Contact Info

  • Resume or Short Profile of your Business / Startup Idea

  • Short Response to the question “What do you need from us to help your business thrive?”

Apply by sending us the information with the button below and we’ll get back to you. While we’re sure that every submission can use coaching, our small firm can only support one entrepreneur at this time.

Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2021

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