Meet Donna Cheung

- Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Wakefield 

“ I found my passion for the creative arts and business through producing a music video for a friend. This led to the start of Wakefield.”

Tell us a little about your background and journey as a person of color in Canadian business.

I was born in Vancouver and my parents immigrated from Malaysia. My educational background includes engineering and business. My father is a grandmaster Taekwondo instructor who deeply shaped values of perseverance, confidence, trying new things, and seeing opportunities. My mother has a background in banking, I learned generosity, hospitality, and entrepreneurialism from her. Most of my childhood and adolescence were competing in Taekwondo and playing classical piano. From a young age, I always had an interest in leadership and want to make an impact. I now find myself working with a tight knit team of creatives and strategists that want to use storytelling, video/photo, and experiential mediums to help companies who are making a positive impact in our city. More than ever, I now finding our stride and core purpose as we get clearer and clearer on our mission and vision as an organization driven by strong core values. Last summer, Wakefield became Certified B corporation and now working with some amazing, impactful, and values-driven organizations in our city.

Tell us about any programs or non-profit supports that you are aware of and whether or not they have helped your business career.

I have learned to leverage grants through Granted Consulting. The non-profit supports that I know include Women’s Entrepreneurial Fund, BC Training Grants, BC Hiring Grants, CanExport. Values Based Leadership Graduate Certificate from Royal Roads has really informed and strengthened my leadership values and convictions. Working with numerous consultants with high levels of expertise to help us move closer to achieve it our vision. From management consulting and system strategists to impact consultants and financial & grant consultants.. it takes a village to raise and develop a strong organization and strong leaders.. so thankful for the amazing sherpas along the way.

Tell us what could help you or your community grow as business people or as entrepreneurs.

I would love to see our local business community continue to grow a supportive culture of being more than doing. More to say on this, but I would love to see the conversation continue to grow around what that tangibly looks like and how we as business leaders have such power to hold the space for those we lead internally and externally to grow and flourish from a holistic perspective.

Purpose Coaching Grant

We are pleased to launch an annual Purpose Advisory Grant for Women Entrepreneurs. We figured the best way to contribute to social change is to create more successful entrepreneurs. And we know that good bookkeeping combined with timely coaching is a recipe for success. We’re keeping things simple, so here’s the grant details:


  • 12 month subscription to Quickbooks Online

  • 1 hour per month of mentorship / coaching from our Advisors

  • Private Slack channel to communicate

  • Valued at $2000+


  • Identify as a female (or transgender, etc.) Canadian

  • Must be registered Canadian based business

  • Self-employed or incorporated

  • Regular internet access to a web-camera enabled computer


  • Name & Business Name

  • Email & Contact Info

  • Resume or Short Profile of your Business / Startup Idea

  • Short Response to the question “What do you need from us to help your business thrive?”

Apply by sending us the information with the button below and we’ll get back to you. While we’re sure that every submission can use coaching, our small firm can only support one entrepreneur at this time.

Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2021