Every February, Canada commemorates Black History Month by recognizing and engaging with this diverse community. Purpose CPA is committed to celebrating Black History Month for the second time because we are also from a multicultural community.

Diversity in Canada, and its growth and acceptance, has driven us curious business leaders to learn other cultures and ideas. While we do not claim to fully understand the issues in each community, we do believe that we have to engage in meaningful conversations in order to learn and support our neighbors. As an upstart firm, these may be heavy topics, but we are used to having these dialogues with community conscious and profit-making business leaders so we are optimistic those same energies can lead to long-term social change.

We partnered with BBABC (Black Business Association of BC), and sponsored by our professional body the CPABC (Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia) to host a live online financial literature event for entrepreneurs.

– Matt & Chad, Co-Founders

To join see below:

Thank you for being open and we hope the upcoming content will assist Black entrepreneurs as well as other entrepreneurs and inspire local business leaders.